Stand-Up Comedy in English + Open Mic!

dodano 2018-01-03 11:13:19
2018-01-14 20:00
Niebostan, Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 17
od 15 zł [KUP BILET]
World-Wide Comedy is returning to Lodz with more stand-up comedy in English!The evening will start with an open-mic where anyone can get on stage for 5 minutes and tell jokes. Space will be limited, so if you're interested, send a message to World-Wide Comedy via our fanpage. BONUS: All open-mic performers get one free beer from the bar! Following the open-mic, we will present a headlining comedian for your enjoyment. This month's headliner: Sviat Marinated!Sviat Marinated, or known back home in Ukraine as Sviatoslav Maryniak was the star of his local kindergarten for 5 years straight until they couldn't hide his age anymore and had to send him to high school. University years of studying diplomacy, foreign languages, international relations, participating in non-governmental organizations, debates and science fairs taught him how to act as if he understands what's happening, talk confidently about topics he has no idea about while wearing a suit. Sviat has been a regular at Wroclaw Open-Mic starting late 2015. Since then he has been host, MC, a strong feature act and lastly his own headline at stand-up comedy shows around Poland, Czech and Slovakia. He has been performing in English, Ukrainian and Polish at various events, including the Multi-cultural Festival in Wroclaw, Krakow Fringe Festival and Slot Art Festival. He put a lot of effort during the last year to earn the honorary and widely unrecognized title of the "funniest Ukrainian in Wroclaw performing in English".The evening will be hosted by World-Wide Comedy founding member The Derrek Carriveau. Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

World-Wide Comedy Presents...
Stand-Up Comedy Open-Mic Nights in English FOR the people BY the people! Straight from Jim Williams! Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

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